Announcement of cuisine workshops

We are collecting applications for special workshops that will take place in several sessions. We are preparing a workshop on popular fruit juices - smoothies, salty snacks - canapes and healthy desserts.

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Participation in the celebration of the World Down Syndrome Day

On Sunday, March 19, 2023, the Center for Neurodevelopmental Integration - Refleksa - and the World Youth Alliance Croatia invited us to celebrate this important date together. The goal of the event is to raise awareness of the problems and challenges that people with Down syndrome and their families face on a daily basis.


Proslava Svjetskog dana sindroma Down održala se na zagrebačkom jezeru Bundek u nedjelju 19. 3. 2023. od 11 do 14 sati pod nazivom „46+1, ali vrijedan“. Sam dan Svjetskog dana Down sindroma je 21. 3.

♬ Samo Za Taj Osjećaj – Hladno Pivo
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Open Information Day / Round Table

The implementation of practical classes in the restaurants of our partners exceeded the expectations of our participants, as well as those of other participants in the project. We are proud (PONOSni in Croatian) that the expectations of the project team came true and that as many as five participants received job offers in the restaurants where they attended practical classes!

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Learning English

It is our wish that our participants land a job in tourism and catering. In addition to practical knowledge and skills, depending on the chosen field (cook, waiter, confectioner), it is necessary to have knowledge of the English language.

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The Third Cycle

We have opened enrollment in the third cycle of verified training programs for the professions: cook, waiter and confectioner. Part of the practical training was done by the participants in the partner restaurants Batak Grill and Torterie Macaron.

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Second Cycle

We were happy that, after the first group, we had an even bigger turnout for enrollment in the second group of participants. Interest in the program in training for the profession of confectioner has increased.

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First Cycle

The first group of participants will soon receive certificates of their successfully completed verified training program.

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Culinary Presentation of the PONOS Project

On the plateau in front of the main entrance to the Public Open University Zagreb on Friday, November 25, from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m., an event was organized called "Nešto fino kuha Martino" ("Martino is Cooking Something Nice")".

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Announcement of the culinary presentation: "Martino is Cooking Something Nice"

Public Open University Zagreb invites you to a culinary presentation, tasting and socializing within the EU project funded by the ESF: PONOS - Pučko otvoreno učilište Zagreb Obrazuje Nezaposlene Osobe s invaliditetom (CODE NUMBER: UP.

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The show "Hodalica" on Radio Student

Public Open University Zagreb presented its project PONOS on Thursday, November 10, 2022, at the show Hodalica on the Student radio station (100.5 MHz). Editor Ivana Šeparović hosted Damjan Lissko, secretary of the Croatian Federation of Wheelchair Basketball. The show talked about the rules of basketball games in wheelchairs, the appearance of the hall and the course of the game itself.

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Participation in the Workshop "Effective Communication as a Prerequisite for the Establishment of Effective Relationships"

The international project "ATTEND our way - Support for achieving equal opportunities in education for students with developmental disabilities" launched a series of workshops.

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Initial conference of the PONOS Project - Public Open University Educates Unemployed Persons with Disabilities

On September 13, 2022, the opening conference of the EU project PONOS was held at the Public Open University Zagreb – Public Open University Educates Unemployed Persons with Disabilities.

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